False Beliefs

There seems to be a powerful link between the beliefs we hold about ourselves, about our place in the world, about our relationship with our Higher Power and Codependency.  This exercise may help you to more clearly see the link, start the work to change these false beliefs, and lessen your codepedency.

Some false beliefs about myself:

  1. If I can only find the right person, I will be happy
  2. I do not have any needs (I am unclear with what they are)
  3. I am unable to balance criticism and praise in a healthy way
  4. I do not deserve to be happy
  5. I am worthless
  6. When I am honest about who I am and about what I have done, I will be totally alone
  7. I can not safely express my needs
  8. Women (or men) I make into my HP
  9. What esteem I have comes from others, and is not true self- esteem
  10. Additional false beliefs­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________

Some false beliefs about my place in the world:

  1.  If I let myself be known by others, I will be shunned
  2. I  have little or nothing to offer to others
  3. My worth is determined by how much I give to others
  4. The world is a scary place; I need to protect myself from it
  5. Additional false beliefs:_______________________________________________
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