Randy B Meeting – June 5 and June 8

Exciting News for All of Us Working On Meaningful & Sustained Recovery In SLAA

3rd of a 3–Part Workshop Series

Randy B, drawing upon his many years of experience in SLAA and as a mental health professional who has worked closely with Pia Melody, a leader in understanding codependency, will lead us as we expand our understanding and adjust our thinking regarding codependency.  Randy will be sharing his experience, strength and hope in recovery from sex and love addiction in this series of three talks.   This sequence is inspired by the template given in Step 5:  connection with our HP, ourselves, and with others.

The 3rd part in our 3-part series will be hosted on Zoom on Saturday June 5th at 3 – 5 pm PST.   The first two talks on January 30th and March 13thwere recorded – see the link below if you want to see what we covered.   Please plan to attend even if you weren’t able to attend the previous talks.

These events are not lectures, but interactive sessions that will engage us in the development of our individual action plans to strengthen our recovery.  As a part of his talk, there will be small group breakout discussions where we can process what we heard, as well as the opportunity to ask Randy questions. 


This session will build on our previous March meeting focusing on codependency, where we watched a video discussion featuring Pia Mellody, since unfortunately Randy was ill and unable to participate.

Randy will lead us on an exploration of the 5 symptoms of codependency with clarifying examples of each.   He will also focus on core FALSE beliefs about ourselves, our place in the world, and about our HP and illustrate how strongly this can fuel codependency and our acting out in our sex and love addiction.

Follow Up Practice & Support Meeting:   On the Tuesday following (June 8) there will be a follow-up meeting devoted entirely to building on Randy’s presentation, starting at 6:30 pm PST and ending at 7:45 pm.    We will also provide worksheets designed to help with developing action plans and using accountability partners in our recovery.

To access the June 5th Workshop
please PRE-REGISTER with your first name and email at:


Meeting ID: 840 1196 8019  Passcode: 1212

If you are using a phone, enter the meeting by dialing:  +16699009128,,84011968019#,,1212#
Or find your local number here:  

Please use the same Zoom for the Tuesday follow-up meetings.
(which is taking the place of the regular Tuesday Monterey co-ed meeting.)

To download the Zoom app for your computer or tablet/iPad, go to: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting
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