SLAA Monterey Bay Newsletter: 04/02/22

Introduction to your Intergroup.

Members of Intergroup: Sam L, AnnaLisa, Denise, Ian, King G. Don, Ryan, Lee, and Robert H.
Feel free to contact any of us with idea and suggestions as to how to make our intergroup more responsive to your needs.

Purpose of intergroup:
Intergroup Monterey Bay is the assembly of representatives from area SLAA groups whose purpose is to provide outreach and information to those seeking help in their recovery from sex and love addiction.

Upcoming events:
Bike ride. Please sign up to participate by going onto our website: Event scheduled for May 8th at 2pm at Lover’s Point, Pacific Grove

FWS annual business meeting including dates, request for a delegate, and costs. The ABM annual workshop is scheduled for August 8 through August 12 in Sacramento. Total cost for us to send a delegate is $235.00 which reflects a large scholarship from FWS. See FWS website for further details.

Possible hybrid retreat jointly with Sta. Cruz fellowship in July. Please feel free to suggest content which you would like to see covered, or offer yourself as a presenter by sending an e mail to .

Suggestions for other group events by members or groups. We welcome your suggestions

By-laws presented by Intergroup—30 days for comments from individuals or groups before final approval. See the full body of these by-laws here.

Visit our website at for insights on recovery and spreading the word to the addict who still suffers

Urgent: Help us reach out to therapists in our area for referrals to our groups. Send an e mail to Don K at with the name and contact information for therapists you have used or know can be helpful in referring addicts potentially interested in our 12 step approach to recovery.

First edition: 4/2/22

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